What We Do?   Sohail Global Group provides all types of engineering and development, project and program management solutions to the US government agencies, international counterparts and private sector. 

Who We Are?   Sohail Global Group is a small business based in Virginia, United States with operations in various regions including Middle East, Asia and Afghanistan. Sohail Global Group is a trusted standard name to US federal contracting agencies, DoD and private sector. SGG is always ranked five-star for on-time, competitive, high quality and professional services, SGG puts full effort into every single project no matter how small or big its, and provides maximum professional solutions with compliance to recent international standards. 

Where we came from?   Sohail Global Group was established in 2010, the company constantly expanded services to the US government, USAID, World Bank, US DoD agencies including US Army and the private sector. SGG has gained a special place in the hearts of its customers from the beginning due to its proficient and faithful works. Due to SGG's decade of professional efforts and services, its now one of the most reliable service providers to the DoD contracting agencies. SGG has strong resources, teams, knowledge and capacity to execute complex and large projects in the highest professional manner.

What is our future planning?     To be the most loyal and first choice option for our clients is SGG's biggest aim, to supply maximum modern, highly professional and technically acceptable program management, economic development, construction, engineering, supply and logistical services are the highest goals of Sohail Global Group.


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