With an unwavering focus on quality, Sohail Global Group (SGG) provides engineering, construction, project management and skilled craftsmanship to exceed expectations on every project. And, we do this in every single project. Our sustainable construction practices make SGG an easy to work with - and easy to trust construction company. Sohail Global Group has constructed over 10 multiple-story buildings for the US government and private sector that makes it capable of executing construction projects with modern methodologies and best practices.

Sohail Global Group’s experience and knowledge have given our company a strong foundation that’s consistent as we adhere to our mission and core values. For over 10 years, our approach to construction services has been centered on our clients' needs. We value the partnerships we’ve created with the governments and communities we serve, and take pride in building projects that bolster commerce, education, healthcare, service, and support.

As employee-owners, our people are dedicated, have high expectations based on the company's past success, and bring a sense of urgency to every project. Sohail Global Group is successful because we have people with the ability and desire to build exciting and challenging projects. Our people have a drive to excel and the willingness to accept new responsibilities. They explore new ideas and processes which improve the quality of our services and reduce the timing to complete projects.




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