Sohail Global Group is capable to help the US government and international agencies with all types of international defense, logistical, construction, engineering and development solutions. SGG has a wide network of partners through the world which includes connections in America, Europe, Africa and Asia including Afghanistan, India and UAE.

Additionally, Sohail Global Group can go anywhere to address all types of international development problems and provide various types of rational solutions. With extensive knowledge gained through our year of work with some of the largest agencies in the world, we develop actionable solutions from initiating to plan, manage and execution, we make strong policies and strategies to improve the process for achieving program objectives. We firmly believe that a cookie-cutter approach is not appropriate, and it’s never an optimal solution in the world. Sohail Global Group only delivers realistic, possible and actionable recommendations, communicated clearly and concisely, with demonstrable results for all stakeholders.

Sohail Global Group provides several types of services to local government and international agencies. We help communities grow, we provide rational solutions based on region and circumstances. We can work together with international agencies to build a more prosperous, rich, sustainable and just world.


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