SGG has over 10 years of experience in Economic Transformation, Strategy, Business Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Compliance Reporting and the Project Management sphere. Our passion is to enable transformation across all levels of communities through economic development programs by enhancing capabilities, businesses and innovations. SGG envision to be the partner of choice in enabling economic growth through the provision of sustainable transformation solutions to the international community. We strive to consistently provide a highly effective, holistic and broad-based strategic service offering to all stakeholders. We care about the well-being of people around the globe.

Sohail Global Group offers a unique combination of economic development services designed to provide customized solutions to the Community Development, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Mining, Government and Corporate Sectors. Our experience with the US government and international organizations on economic development programs enables us to provide a personalized solution to our clients. SGG has implemented rigorous grants management, business development, economic development, social capacity building, energy, education and upskilling programs in Afghanistan.

Sohail Global Group can go anywhere to address environmental, economic, agriculture problems and provide various types of rational solutions. With extensive knowledge gained through our years of work with some of the largest agencies in the world, we develop actionable solutions from initiating to plan, manage and executing, we make strong policies and strategies to help poor communities improve their environment, livelihood and social economy sectors. We firmly believe that a cookie-cutter approach can never eradicate poverty from the world, and it’s never an optimal solution for any community in the world. Sohail Global Group only delivers realistic, possible and actionable recommendations, communicated clearly and concisely, with demonstrable results for all stakeholders.


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