When you are looking of commitment, quality, service, affordability and on-time work in construction and logistical sectors, there is only one quality assured name in Afghanistan that sets the standard and its (SGG). Sohail Global Group is the most reliable, on-time, good quality and solutions provider in the general construction and logistical works with long term experience providing top quality services throughout the country using most modern methodologies of the construction industry. 

Sohail Global Group is one of the leading construction and logistics company in Afghanistan, with several offices throughout the country. We have offices throughout the country with multiple concrete batch plants, gravel, aggregates plants and precast concrete production factory at Kabul Industrial Parks offering extensive construction services to perform a Reinforced Concrete, Cast In Place Concrete, Tilt-up Construction, Precast T-walls, Barriers, Bunkers, Bridges, Concrete Roads, Culverts, Canals, Dams, Towers, Road Barriers, Residential and Commercial Buildings, ANP and ANA Head Quarters, Pre-Engineering Buildings, Housing Units in the construction sector. We have a proven track record for delivering large and challenging projects on time and within budget. Sohail Global Group’s approach to detailed and methodical planning translates into "no surprises" for our clients.

As employee-owners, our people are dedicated, have high expectations based on the company's past success, and bring a sense of urgency to every project. Sohail Global Group is successful because we have people with the ability and desire to build exciting and challenging projects. Our people have a drive to excel and the willingness to accept new responsibilities. They explore new ideas. They seek better solutions. They are enthusiastic, hardworking and committed to quality and excellence, are experienced with international firms on construction and logistics projects.

Keys of Success: Sohail Global Group has long term experience in the construction and logistics sector throughout the country and is able to handle all types of complex projects in a successful and timely manner. Our teams are highly experienced in the construction industry. We only produce and supply highest quality services of the current modern market. 



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