Sohail Global Group completed large number of projects throughout Afghanistan including construction of buildings, precast concrete items, tilt-up building, concrete supply, engineering buildings and logistical projects, our most current ongoing/completed projects are:

  • Operations and Maintenance Project Roshan Sites 2018
  • Precast T-walls, Bunkers, Barriers to Bagram Airbase 2017-2018
  • KMTC Force Protection Services, Kabul 2017
  • Construction of Shotol District Irrigation Canal, Ministry of Country of Narcotics, AF - Dec 2017
  • Construct, Deliver and Install BAF Guard Towers, US Army, BAF - 2016
  • Construct November ECP Repair, US Army, BAF - 2016
  • Construct Deliver and Install BAF Force Protection IDIQ Project, U.S Army, AF – JAN 2014 to MAR 2015
  • Supply and Deliver 35,000CM BAF Bulk Gravel Contract, U.S Army, AF  2014-2015
  • AFG Forces Operations and Maintenance Contract
  • Vehicles Supply Contracts
  • Construction of JCIP Evidence Building
  • Construction of Inscom Warehouse Building
  • Construction of Yakawlang ANP Building
  • Precast and Fresh Concrete Supply to local agencies

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